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Undergraduate Student Comment Themes and Categories

Coming up with a good categorisation structure for your student comments is always a challenge, and something we are constantly working on at Student Voice. Below we share our constantly evolving categorisation structure that currently encompasses 44 categories of student comment under 9 high level themes. The themes cover a wide range of teaching and student experience topics as well as transient issues such as strikes and COVID.

We can adopt such a comprehensive set of categories at Student Voice because our machine-learning powered classifiers automate the process but even if you are labelling by hand then hopefully the below will give you some inspiration.

    The Teaching On My Course
    Delivery Of Teaching

    Comments relating to how teaching is delivered, including type and variety of teaching sessions

    Teaching Staff

    Comments specifically relating to teaching staff, i.e. lecturers, professors, project supervisors, etc

    Remote Learning

    Comments relating to quality of teaching delivered remotely and online

    Learning Opportunities
    Type And Breadth Of Course Content

    Comments about the specific content of the course, including module content, structure of the course etc

    Contact Time

    Comments relating to the amount of contact received

    Group Size / Ssrs

    Comments relating to size of classes, number of students per staff member, student:staff ratios, etc

    Module Choice / Variety

    Comments surrounding the variety or choice of modules, including the procedure for choosing modules

    Placements/ Fieldwork/ Trips

    Comments relating to placements or fieldwork (including clinical placements)

    Assessment And Feedback
    Assessment Methods

    Comments relating to assessment methods


    Comments about dissertation/final year project


    Comments relating to quality and speed of feedback to students

    Marking Criteria

    Comments relating to marking methods and criteria

    Academic Support
    Availability Of Teaching Staff

    Comments relating to the availability of lecturers and other teaching staff, i.e. their office hours

    Communication With Supervisor, Lecturer, Tutor

    Comments relating to communication between students and teaching staff

    Student Support

    Comments surrounding the support a student receives here, including academic support, pastoral support and disability support

    Personal Tutor

    Comments relating to the personal tutor system

    Organisation And Management
    Communication About Course And Teaching

    Comments relating to clarity of content, workload, course booklet, handbook

    Induction, Start Of Course Support

    Comments relating to support and induction when students first join the university

    Organisation, Management Of Course

    General comments relating to organisation, administration or management of the course

    Scheduling/ Timetabling

    General comments about the timetabling and scheduling of assignments


    Comments relating to the amount of workload throughout the programme - including exam timetabling and spacing of deadlines

    Year Abroad

    General comments about the year abroad / study abroad aspect of programmes.

    Learning Resources
    General Facilities

    Comments about the University's facilities in general - e.g. catering, buildings, sports facilities, accommodation etc.

    It Facilities

    Comments about the University's IT facilities, including network access, availability of computers, printers, etc

    Learning Resources

    General comments about academia-related learning resources, e.g. lecture material, online material, or other general learning resources


    Comments relating to any of the University's library facilities

    Study Space

    General comments about the provision of / lack of available space for academic purposes

    Learning Community
    Opportunities To Work With Other Students

    Comments relating to working with others on the course

    Career Guidance, Support

    Comments about careers prospects, employability, or the careers service at the University

    Extra-curricular Activities

    Comments about the social / sporting activities outside academia, and related facilities.

    Student Life

    General comments about student life overall

    Personal Development

    Comments about how the University has aided personal development of the student

    Student Voice
    Students' Unions

    Comments relating to the Students' Unions / Guild

    Student Voice

    Comments regarding students' feedback being acted on/opportunity to provide feedback on course


    Comments relating to accommodation

    Campus / City / Location

    Comments about the campus, the city, or the location of the University

    Costs / Value For Money

    Comments about the cost of University or whether value for money is achieved


    Comments relating to how the University has handled lockdown, including COVID-19 related mitigation and student support


    Comments surrounding the change in graduation procedures / venues for the academic year


    Comments surrounding the number of international students / lecturers in the University

    Non-academic Staff

    Comments specifically relating to non-academic staff, i.e. administrative staff, support staff, etc


    Comments relating to racist/other discriminatory incidences/culture/practices or their handling by the university

    Strike Action

    Comments relating specifically to impacts as a result of strike action by university employees

    Type Of Students

    Comments relating to the 'type of student' at the Institution