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Text Analysis for Education.

analysis of student comments including
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"With written comments from tens of thousands of students across over 100 institutions we needed to find a way of exploring this data. Working with Student Voice we were able to discuss reports customised to our needs, producing results that our partner institutions have found useful. It makes a real difference working with a company coming from the HE sector, as they can talk and collaborate in a way that we value and that our clients are familiar with."

Analyse every student comment, from all of your surveys

Student Voice is a cloud-based software platform that automatically classifies and analyses student comments, allowing you to focus on improving teaching and the student experience


Student Voice's machine learning (ML) models label thousands of comments in seconds. Get in depth analysis of what your students are saying about their experiences, instantly.


By applying our models across text from all of your surveys, you can make direct comparisons between your NSS, module evaluation, pulse and student experience surveys


Student Voice's models are trained using 10's of thousands of hand labelled student comments and rigourously cross-validated, offering unparalleled accuracy.

Sector Benchmarking

With models trained on data from over 100 UK higher education institutions, Student Voice gives you the unique ability to compare both label frequency and sentiment across the sector.

Demographic Analysis

Our software allows you to understand how student views differ by course, age, gender, nationality and custom groupings such as campus location.

Historical Analysis

Student Voice allows you to analyse all of your historical survey responses from both live and legacy systems. Compare trends going back years immediately.

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“Overall, I support Student Voice's broader use within Strathclyde and at other institutions without hesitation due to its focus on improving what matters, teaching and communication with students.”

Atilla Incecik
Professor Atilla Incecik
Associate Principal, University of Strathlclyde

Automated Reporting

Live online results and easy access to historical results from one easy interface. Flexible generation of reports for dissemination and archival.

  • The Right Reports for the Right People

    A key feature of Student Voice is the wide range of automatically generated reports that mirror the institutions structure and enable staff and students to quickly access the relevant information and insights generated by Student Voice.

  • Custom Reports

    For staff, comprehensive reports are generated for heads of department, year advisors and course directors containing just the results of the modules they are interested in. Reports can also be created for arbitrary sets of modules that cut across institutional structures such as joint honours degrees, thematic and discipline subject groups and special interest modules such as distance learning or Graduate Apprenticeships (which have been successfully surveyed by Student Voice).

  • Fully Automated

    Personalised reports are generated for each student showing the results and lecturer response for each of their modules. The automatic generation and delivery of surveys and reminders to students, as well as lecturers getting web-based access to the student feedback on their own modules, means that there is no real administrative load beyond supplying the student enrolment data.

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Intelligent Analysis

Machine learning models automtically label all free text responses to enable staff to make informed decisions.

  • Machine Learning Classification

    A significant proportion of the value in class evaluation is derived from the free text, qualitative feedback. Student Voice displays this data in the order in which it was submitted to give staff an unbiased view of the comments. Student Voice also offers an automated categorisation system that will work to highlight positive and negative comments and topics mentioned in free text comments to allow staff to more easily judge the content of any given comment at glance.

  • Post-GDPR

    The Student Voice approach is to minimise the amount of personally identifiable data stored on the system, so all student responses are fully anonymous. If segmenting by certain characteristics, this will always be carried out in such a way that student anonymity is still maintained.

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Frictionless Feedback

Designed to work on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Over 60% of surveys completed on smartphones.

  • Real-time Results

    Student Voice offers real-time updates of all module results pages and departmental/faculty results pages. This allows individual staff to view how their class is responding as well as allowing departments and faculties to find areas where extra encouragement should be given. Access to these pages through the institutions single sign-on login is currently in development.

  • Survey Scheduling

    Surveys are scheduled for release depending on departmental requirements and are only open for a pre-determined time. Progress through the survey is automatically saved and only the remaining questions will be asked if a student leaves then returns later to the survey.

  • Automated Reminders

    For students who do not complete the survey immediately email reminders are sent throughout the survey week. The number and timing of the email reminders can be controlled centrally or chosen at a department level.

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Lecturer Responses

Real-time results and in page responses enables staff to quickly and easily close the loop.

  • Closing the Loop

    From its inception and throughout its use at Strathclyde Student Voice was designed around a closed feedback loop between students and staff. We have also found that having the primary survey period during the semester allows staff to clear up any misconceptions or make changes while the class is running. A supplementary survey can also be carried out at the end of each semester to answer questions that cannot be answered while the class is being taught.

  • Fast Turnaround

    The standard approach taken in Student Voice is as follows. The Student Voice survey is open to students for 1 week. Once this closes the academic staff have 1 week to respond to the student comments. This very quick turnaround is key to fostering a sense that student comments are taken seriously.

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