- About StudentVoice.ai

About us

StudentVoice.ai started as a university spin-out, driven by the belief that we can improve our higher education systems by actively listening to what our students are telling us. Having worked in higher education, I saw how student feedback could improve teaching and learning, but traditional methods of analysis were often slow and limited. This inspired us to create a radically more efficient and effective solution.

What we do

StudentVoice.ai is dedicated to higher education. Our platform uses AI to analyse student feedback comments, helping students share their thoughts easily and enabling educators to respond quickly. We analyse student data from surveys across institutions, providing comprehensive insights to help improve educational practices.

Key features

  • Accurate analysis: Our AI-driven platform ensures precise evaluation of student comments, capturing the nuances and details that matter.
  • Consistent feedback: We provide a reliable system that consistently interprets and categorises feedback, ensuring educators receive actionable insights every time.
  • Effective insights: By analysing student data from various sources, we deliver meaningful and effective insights that drive real improvements in teaching and learning.

Our commitment

We are focused entirely on higher education, with a philosophy of "by higher education for higher education." Our aim is to create an inclusive environment where every student's voice can contribute to positive change.

Thank you for being part of StudentVoice.ai. Together, we can make higher education better, one voice at a time.

Best wishes,


Dr Stuart Grey SFHEA

CEO, StudentVoice.ai