EdUp EdTech Podcast Episode 123: Voices Unveiled - AI and Education

By Student Voice

I recently had the opportunity to join hosts Holly Owens and Nadia Johnson on the EdUp Ed Tech podcast. The episode, "123: Voices Unveiled: AI and Education," offered a platform to discuss the integration of artificial intelligence in the educational sphere, particularly through the lens of our work at Student Voice.

I shared insights into my transition to the education sector and how this unique perspective fuels my passion for enhancing the learning experience through technology. The conversation centred around the potential of AI to streamline administrative tasks, thereby allowing educators to focus more on their students.

We delved into the workings of Student Voice, highlighting its capability to interpret student feedback through machine learning. This feature is crucial for educators aiming to adapt and improve their courses based on direct student input. The importance of empathy and understanding in the deployment of such technologies was also a key focus of our discussion.

As we concluded the podcast, we touched on the promising future of education—a landscape where AI supports a more personalised and responsive learning environment.

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